The Holy Scripture and the Holy Liturgy or about the organic relation of the Holy Scripture to the Holy Tradition


  • Ioan Chirilă Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Cluj-Napoca


biblical sources, liturgy, canonicity, unity, Christological lecture


The main purpose of the paper is to offer a perspective on the Liturgy conceived as being concerned not only with physis/matter/history, but also with spiritual growth and enrichment of the entire human being, of the man rooted in eternity, and one of these roots in the eternity of the modern/postmodern man is (or should become again) the Revelation. Throughout this research, the concept is understood as involving both the Holy Scripture and the Holy Tradition. Secondly, the paper will emphasize the fact that there is an unbreakable relation between the Holy Scripture and the Holy Liturgy through the work of the Holy Spirit while trying to resume the biblical sources for the text of the Eastern Christian Liturgy.