The Psaltyrion – revelation of the well received prayer


  • Stelian Pașca-Tușa Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Cluj-Napoca


Psaltyrion, prayer, worship, Church Fathers, Christian community


In this study we are proposing to reveal the Psalms as a model for prayers welcomed by God and pleasing to Him. Therefore, we will try to argue the above-mentioned through substantially biblical arguments, starting from the internal structure of Psalms, reaching the way that Psalms were received by the first Christian communities. Then we will mention and analyze the testimony of the Church Fathers about the way that Psalms were assumed into individual and community prayer programs. To distinguish the impact that Psalms had (and are still having) into liturgical life, we will expose their position inside of all Orthodox rituals. Before ending this demarche, we will mention the opinion of the Church Fathers regarding the Book of Psalms as well as the manner they argue it’s frequent use by Christians.