The Holy Scripture – source of the Theognosis


  • Simeon Pintea Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Cluj-Napoca


Scripture, Theognosis, knowledge, Philokalia, Revelation


In his commentary on the Philokalia, Theoklitos of the Dionysiou Monastery while explaining the Chapters about knowledge of Saint Diadochus of Photicaea, talks about three types of Vision’, of ‘contemplation’ of God: the natural, the supernatural and the ecstasy The Holy Scripture and its experience have a very important role in the so-called contemplation, vision or knowledge of God – Theognosis. But this knowledge cannot be limited to the terms which define the theognosis, it’s not only an epistemological knowledge. God’s knowledge is the work of the Holy Spirit within us, which can be accomplished during and through prayer; in the Orthodox Church the word of the Scripture is always read and interpreted within a liturgical and doxological frame, the Scripture being the true source of all the worship forms.