Isaia 53. Analiza exegetico-teologică a discursului retorico-profetic


  • Mihai Nagy Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Cluj-Napoca


prophetic discourse, rhetoric, isaiah 53, prophecy, fulfillment Gospels


The study of the rhetoric in general, and particularly of the biblical, namely of the old testamentary one is essential for decoding, understanding and composing discursively nowadays when once the informational phase is surpassed, the general tendency is towards creating a communication era. One of those who have tackled the rhetorical aspects of the prophetic writings has been Saint Jerome, closely followed by Saint Basil the Great; nonetheless, there are some preoccupied with the subject in our times as well.  All these works are focused on explaining the texts from a theological perspective and the unanimous message is somewhat simple: we need to take the full ethical responsibility of our own critical judgements based on the best available proofs and pieces of information. Bearing this in mind as a starting point, I intend to carry out a philological-theological analysis of the rhetoric dimension within the prophetic discourse, namely Isaiah 53.