About the Journal

What is the Romanian Orthodox Old Testament Studies?

ROOTS is an on-line publication intended for professors and young researchers interested in the study of the Old Testament from a Romanian Orthodox perspective.

ROOTS promotes thematic approaches which range from isagogy and hermeneutics to Old Testament theology, archeology and Hebrew language. All articles must follow the patristic approach of the Holy Scripture.

ROOTS is an open-access journal published on the internet, with two issues per year. The languages in which materials can be published are English and French.

ROOTS does not provide authors with offprints of published materials, but we will notify you by email when your manuscript is published online.

What kind of material can be published?

  • Articles (4000-5000 words)
  • Conferences on the Old Testament
  • Book Reviews (800-1000 words)

Contributions, books for review, and other editorial correspondence should be sent to the Editor: napocaroots@gmail.com 

Publication Frequency

ROOTS appears on the fallowing dates: August 30th and December 30th

Open Acces Policy

ROOTS issues have the status of ‘Open Access’. As an Open Access journal, ROOTS does not charge readers or their institutions for access (read, download, copy, distribute, print for research use, search, or linkto the full texts of articles).


ROOTS is an open access journal. No subscription is necessary for non-commercial use of ROOTS texts.

All and any individual or juridical person or organization can raise funds for, or make donations to ROOTS.

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