God’s Word in the Scriptures – Reference Points on Canonicity, Interpretation, and the Liturgical Text as Vestment of the Revealed Word


  • Ioan Chirilă Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Cluj-Napoca
  • Bogdan Șopterean Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Cluj-Napoca


God’s Word, canon, cult, interpretation, Christological reading


In the present study, we aim to illustrate how the canon of the Old Testament is regarded in the thinking of the Eastern Church, showing first how it formed in the Jewish tradition and then how it was assumed and read by the Church Fathers. We do not aim to provide a comprehensive analysis of the composition of the biblical canon or to present the differences between the lists of writings from various translations of the Holy Scripture, but we will focus only on the historical moments which are relevant to the conservation and dissemination of the holy writings. We shall, however, insist on how the text of the Old Testament has been received, interpreted, and used by the Christian Church within its cultic structures. These perspectives will allow us to understand that the holy text is meant to be embodied, read, and interpreted.